Portable Shower Rentals in Portland Metropolitan Area & SW Vancouver WA

Details & Features

  • Single-unit shower shower pod
  • Conveniences of a home shower
  • Water is heated to an average temperature of 115° fahrenheit by a propane-fueled, on-demand water heater that may be adjusted to suit the user’s comfort level.
  • Fees may vary based on water availability on site

Portable shower rental capacity

  • Dependent on grey water tank size & freshwater access source

Portable shower rental specifications

  • Height – 92”
  • Width – 44”
  • Depth – 48”
  • Door Open – 27” w
  • Weight – 154 lbs
Shower Pod Open
Shower Pod back


Debra W.

“They set it up quickly and kept it clean, well stocked, and pristine for our clients. The clients were thrilled with their service, we were thrilled with their service, and we would highly recommend them for commercial work. Thank you Breanna, Julie, Joe, and Kasey, you guys are the best!”

Karissa B.

“What’s one more 5 star review— but I just can’t help but leave this review as these ladies really helped my business out when we were DESPERATE. They had their driver (nicest guy) drive all the way from Portland to drop off our much needed bathroom the very same day (and on a FRIDAY, during the height of wedding season to boot). To say they went the extra mile is a big understatement. Thanks again Ladies!”

Grace D.

“Fantastic company — very flexible. I would book again in a heartbeat! Booking was very easy, smooth, and reasonably priced. Delivery went off without a hitch and there were no issues during service. I’d highly recommend this company to anyone!”